Model 194 Dose Equivalent Rate Meter

The Ludlum Model 194 DOSE EQUIVALENT RATE METER is designed to accurately measure gamma radiation doses. It utilizes a special plastic scintillator that converts the radiation to visible light, which is then measured and displayed. It is very sensitive and can measure background levels of radiation as well as higher levels.

The Model 44-150-3 High-Sensitivity Gamma Detector

The Model 44-150-3 is a high-sensitivity Gieger-Mueller (GM) detector for low-level gamma radiation. It can be used with survey meters, scalers, and area monitors.

Model 44-150-1 Gamma GM Detector

The Model 44-150-1 is a low-level Geiger-Mueller (GM) gamma survey detector that can be used with any portable ratemeter, scaler instrument, or area monitor that provides 550 Vdc with an input sensitivity of 30 ±10 mV.

Model 3078 Series Stretch Scope

The Model 3078 and Model 3078i Stretch Scopes provide the operator with the ability to investigate areas of suspected gamma contamination while remaining at a greater distance from the potentially high fields of radioactivity. Each instrument includes an external GM detector, and the Model 3078i also has an internal GM detector. The 4.7 m (15.3 ft) carbon fibre telescoping pole allows the attached detector to reach areas difficult to access with other types of instruments. The meter body is made of durable, high-impact plastic with spray-resistant construction allowing for outdoor use.

Model 9-4RF RF-Immune Air Ion Chamber

The Model 9-4RF is a rugged air ionization chamber for performing beta-gamma dose rate measurements over a five-decade span ranging from 0 to 500 mSv/h (0 to 50,000 mR/hr). This variant of the Model 9-4 has improved components and shielding to pass RF susceptibility tests at military levels up to 18 GHz and is an improved replacement for old Model 440RF/D survey meters.

Model 3005 Digital Survey Meter with Internal Detector

The Model 3005 is an ergonomically-designed, light-weight, digital survey meter used for measurements of radiation levels using an internal detector. This instrument’s alarm set points can be designated through Setup Mode using the built-in keypad or by USB connection via the optional software.

Model 3006 Extended Reach Gamma & X-ray Survey Meter

The Model 3006 is a portable and versatile instrument with extended reach used for gamma or X-ray radiation survey. A sensitive plastic scintillator detector is mounted at the end of a pole for ease of use when surveying trucks, scrap metal, or other areas of concern.

Model 26-1 Integrated GM Frisker with dose filter

The Model 26-1 is a one handed contamination and combined contamination/radiation monitor with built in detector and rate meter.

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Ram Gene 1 Mark 2 Combined Contamination and Radiation Monitor

The RAM GENE-1 mark II, designed for work in extreme conditions, features a ruggedized casing and backlight and contains a specially designed energy filter embedded in the cap for dose rate radiation monitoring according to Ambient Dose Equivalent, with the additional flexibility of a contamination meter.  

Model 44-10 Gamma Scintillator

The Model 44-10 is a 2″ X 2″ NaI(Tl) Gamma Scintillator that can be used with several different instruments including survey meters, scalers, rate meters, and alarm rate meters.

Long Collimator for Model 44-10


DESCRIPTION: Lead shielding/collimator for  2.6″ outside diameter detectors
Attaches to detector using three set screws

SIZE: 2.3″ thick x 6″ length (5.8 x 15.2 cm)

CONSTRUCTION: Cast lead with splatter beige powdercoat

WEIGHT: 5.1 lbs (2.31 kg)

Model 44-10-5 Waterproof Gamma Detector

For low level, wide-energy gamma detection. Waterproof down to 30mtrs.

Adjustable length handle option for the Model 44-10

Model 44-10 with Extension Handle – Part Number 4002-1159

Model 193-6 Gamma Survey Meter with Pole Extender

The Model 193-6 is a highly sensitive gamma meter with an extended reach capability. A very sensitive 15.2 cm diameter x 2.5 cm thick (6 x 1 in.) plastic scintillator detector is mounted at the end of a 1.2 meter (4 ft) long pole to facilitate reaching elevated areas.

F.I.D.L.E.R. Probe

The F.I.D.L.E.R. (Field Instrument for the Detection of Low Energy Radiation) probe allows for the detection of isotopes in the outdoor environment which are normally difficult to detect.

Model 9DP-1 Ion Chamber Survey Meter

The Ludlum Model 9DP-1 ion chamber meter is specially designed for radiography work where pulsed fields are being measured. This instrument correctly integrates 50 nanosecond pulses (and wider) that other systems typically miss or measure inaccurately.

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Model 9DP-1* Ambient Dose Ion Chamber Survey Meter

The Model 9DP-1* is a variant of the highly sensitive Model 9DP-1 pressurized ion chamber meter that provides measurements of ambient dose. Ambient dose equivalent is defined as the dose equivalent readout that would be measured at a (human) tissue depth of 10 mm. This requires a special ion chamber that can provide a conversion of the (air kerma) exposure rate to provide the ambient dose and dose rate. 

Model 3276 Frisker/Area Monitor

The Model 3276 is an ergonomic, versatile instrument that can be used for multiple radiation detection or measurement purposes. Its design allows it to be used as either a frisker or as an area monitor. It features the ability to measure radiation in count rate, exposure rate/dose, activity rate, integrated exposure/dose, time-averaged rates, and scaler counts. The Model 3276 may utilize either internal or external radiation detectors to detect alpha, beta, or gamma radiation.

Dose Rate Alarm Lamp - GWL10m

The GWL10m is an accumulator operated, self-contained dose rate alarm unit for the detection of gamma radiation and X-rays with four alarm thresholds, triggering optical and acoustic alarm when being exceeded. The acoustic alarm can be switched off, if required.

The instrument, designed for operations in “heavy-duty” environments, is EMC-proof and equipped with a robust and splash proof housing. The GWL10m is preferably used for room monitoring and for the determination of restricted areas where a given dose rate has been achieved.

Model 79 Stretch Scope Exposure Ratemeter

The Model 79 Stretch Scope provides the operator with the ability to investigate areas of suspected gamma radiation while remaining at a greater distance from potentially high fields of radioactivity. The 4.5 m telescoping pole allows the attached detector to reach areas difficult to access with other types of instruments.

RM100 and RM2000 Survey Meters

The RM100 and the RM2000 Survey Meter are compact hand held radiation monitors designed to measure x-ray and gamma radiation above 20 keV. The instrument provides an indication of ambient D.E. rate in uSv/hr. The meter may be supplied in two meter scale configurations depending on the model purchased.

Gamma Area Monitor Detector Model 133-2

The Model 133- is one of the Model 133 Series. A group of high range, energy compensated GM detectors primarily used for area monitoring applications.

BGO Probe: (2”x2)

BGO (bismuth germinate) is a big step forward in many applications from the industry standard material, sodium iodide.

It is nearly twice as dense and has a higher atomic number, which means that a BGO detector has a performance comparable with a much bigger sodium iodide type.

Model 44-17 Low Energy Gamma Scintillator

The Model 44-17 is a low energy gamma scintillator with a 2″ X 2mm NaI(Tl) crystal that can be used with several different instruments including survey meters, scalers, ratemeters, and alarm ratemeters.

MODEL 44-3 Low Energy Gamma Scintillator

The Model 44-3 is a 1″ X 1mm NaI(Tl) Gamma Scintillator for low energy gamma that can be used with several different instruments including survey meters, scalers, ratemeters, and alarm ratemeters

MODEL 44-2 Gamma Scintillator

The Model 44-2 is a 1″ X 1″ NaI(Tl) Gamma Scintillator that can be used with several different instruments including survey meters, scalers, ratemeters, and alarm ratemeters.

Energy Compensation Filter for the Model 44-9 GM Pancake Probe

The GM pancake-type detector in the Model 44-9-18 is arguably the most popular radiation detector used throughout the world. This detector is sensitive to alpha, beta, and gamma radiation, is enclosed within a rugged metal enclosure, and is conveniently shaped and sized for checking contamination on people and objects. The telescoping handle extends the reach to 0.9 m (36 in.) for greater versatility, and the detector head is mounted on a flexible tube for easy head angle adjustment.

Model 44-116 Beta Scintillation Detector

The Model 44-116 detector is used for detecting beta radiation only. It is compatible with any LMI general purpose survey meter, ratemeter, or scaler.

Model 3019 Digital Background Survey Meter

The Model 3019 is an ergonomically-designed, low-weight digital background survey meter used for background measurements of gamma radiation levels up to 500 µSv/hr (50 mR/hr). An internally installed Csl scintillator provides 175 cpm per µR/hr sensitivity.