Safe and realistic training solutions for Radiation and Contamination monitoring

Used by customers worldwide, including many EDF stations in the UK and Europe, AWE Aldermaston, PHE, Police forces and the NHS, the STS range of simulated training devices offers a comprehensive package of tools enabling organisations to comply with both internal training needs and wider regulatory requirements.

Safe Training Systems – Radiation Simulation solutions

The STS Safe series simulators use a Radio Frequency based system at 2.4Ghz with 360ᵒ field patten on both source and detector, good inverse square relationship and the ability to demonstrate shielding effects.  The instruments can all be fielded together responding to the same source – or multiple sources if required.  Standard set up allows for up to 16 units of any configuration to be fielded in the same network with a maximum of 8 active sources.


STS RadEye G10 & GF10 – Real Thermo RadEye meter modified to use the STS range of RF sources. All meter functionality is retained with a range of up to 20m – supplied in kit with Radio controlled source with 8 power settings in Peli Case.


STS FH40-GL10 – Real Thermo FH40 casing with STS electronics, display and software.  The FH40 can be used in either hand held format or mounted on a telepole with the STS Teleprobe Head. The unit automatically switches to using the probe detector when connected.  Can be supplied with any of the STS range of Radio frequency sources.


STS Safe-EPD – An electronic personal dosimeter based on the Thermo EPD style.  The EPD offers the same alarm functions as a Real EPD along with user selectable backgrounds.  The display shows rate and dose rate with 3 alarm levels and chirp if selected.


STS Safe Series sources are available in 3 variants , The Pocket Source – easily concealed with 10 variable power settings. The Safe-MiniSource  with 10 variable power settings and the Mini-Source RC with a remote control fob and 8 variable power levels.

Safe Training Systems – Contamination Simulation Solutions

The STS Contamination Simulators utilise a gas detector system and a non toxic simulant in either liquid or powder form.  The simulant when applied to a surface produces a small, near surface, vapour cloud that can be detected by methodical and careful monitoring.  The signal from the simulated probe is passed to the host meter and displayed as if real counts have been received.  The simulant is designed to completely evaporate and leaving the training area clean for the next session.


STS Smart DP6 simulated probe for Thermo RadEye SX – The Smart DP6 is made from a real probe housing into which is built the STS electronics, detection system and battery supply (either Alkaline or Li-Ion)  The probe connects to a real unmodified RadEye SX with all the functionality retained.


STS Themo CM11 clothing monitor – Customer supplied monitors are converted to use a STS simulated probe with twin detectors to provide the best possible response.  The monitor display and functions are unchanged with the simulated signal being fed into the host instruments electronics as if receiving a real pulse .  Background counts and alarms are per the real instrument .  STS can also produce a replica version of the CM11 if no unit is available for conversion.


STS Simulation Sources – Supplied as either a pump liquid dispenser or as a granulated powder in boxes of 10 cannisters.  The simulant has a shelf life of 5yrs+ and requires only a very small amount to produce a “contaminated” area. The liquid completely evaporates after 2-3 hrs or can be cleaned up with soap and water.  The powder will de-gas quicker with 1-2hrs life and may be swept up and disposed of – it has a silica base which is non toxic.