Model L-610 AAPM CT Performance Phantom

The Ludlum CT Performance Phantom is a modular phantom that provides the user with an efficient method to evaluate the performance of their CT scanners.

Model L-76-025 CDRH Dental Image Quality Test Tool

The CDRH Dental Image Quality Test Tool is designed specifically for testing the functionality of dental x-ray units, and provides a means of evaluating HVL, kVp, and assessing overall image quality. The Dental Image Quality Test Tool is easy to use and readily identifies potential image quality issues before the equipment is used on patients.

CT/MRI Phantom Model L-007

The Ludlum CT Head/Body/ Paediatric CTDI (Computed Tomography Dose Index) Phantom, in combination with a specialized CT-Ion chamber, provides a means of determining the approximate dose to the patient for a given series of scans.

Acrylic Modular X-ray Phantom Model L-760

The modular Acrylic X-ray Phantom is made up of a series of acrylic and aluminium plates that provide the various attenuation characteristics of various body part thicknesses. The variation in the number of acrylic plates and/or spacers simulates a standard chest, abdomen, skull, or extremity.

CR/DR Test Tool Model L-777

The Ludlum CR/DR Test Tool is designed for the evaluation of the newer filmless digital CR (Computed Radiography) and DR (Digital Radiography) imaging systems.

Gamma Camera Bar Phantom Model L-820

The Model L-820 is ideal for daily/weekly QA checks of scintillation camera performance. The Bar and Test Pattern Phantoms measure intrinsic and collimator spatial resolution (ability to see small objects), and spatial linearity (ability to correctly position image data) confirming the gamma camera’s overall ability to identify and properly display small anatomic objects.