STS Non Radioactive Training Solutions for the Nuclear Industry

Pycko Scientific are able to supply a range of non radioactive training solutions from Safe Training Systems Ltd.

Here is an overview of the available solutions we can supply.

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STS Universal Smart Probe (44A Style)

The STS Universal Smart Probe is a simulation of a real probe, but with additional STS electronics installed within the case and powered from a rechargeable 3.7V Lithium Ion cell. The STS simulated probe contains a gas detection head which detects the presence of the simulant placed on surfaces and clothing, the resultant reading is displayed as counts per minute on the instrument Display.

Announcing the STS G-10 & GF-10 Simulators

STS have announced that the Thermo RadEye(tm) G-10 and GF-10 Safe-Series simulators are now available as part of the Safe-Series simulation range.

These all new simulators use a real unmodified Thermo RadEye with the GM tube removed and the STS simulation circuit added.  The STS circuit generates pulses from the radio signal received from the simulated source and send these pulses directly to the RadEye circuit outputing as a standard reading in Sv’s.


Following the success of the Ram Gene contamination simulator STS have now launched the Ram Gene Radiation Simulator

STS Contamination Trainer

The Contamination Trainer is a standalone meter designed for contamination simulation exercises with a large clear functional display ideal for training where both the Trainee and Trainer can easily view the display.

STS Safe-Series Radiation Field Simulation.

A unique radio system produces both a near isotropic field pattern from the source and from the detector.

A good representation of the inverse square law and attenuation of different materials adds to the realistic response.

STS has produced a range of generic instruments- including the Survey-Safe a simulated field survey meter. The unit features user definable alarms and backgrounds, isotropic response and a range of approximately 15m.

Dosimeter Solutions

The Safe-Series includes two Electronic Personal Dosimeters, one based on the Thermo unit the Safe-EPD and the other a Generic STS dosimeter the Dosi-Safe.

Both Dosimeters offer the same functionality with Dose and Rate displays, user menus to configure background rate, Dose and Rate alarm levels and chirp.


The first Safe-Series modified real instrument is the Thermo FH40 simulator.  This Survey meter utilises a real FH40 case but has the STS electronics and screen built in to replicate the FH40’s display.      

These units can be used either in hand or mounted on a telepole with a STS Safe-Series Probe head which overrides the internal detector when connected.

STS FH40 with Telepole

The STS Survey-Safe simulator is a simulated radiation survey meter designed to aid the tuition of workers in the nuclear industry in safe practices and in understanding the nature and mechanics of ionising radiation .

 The instrument operates using an STS radio frequency detection head which detects the presence of a simulated radiation field with the resultant reading displayed on the LCD Display of the instrument.


The sources are available in 2 variants – a fixed activity level which may be specified on ordering – and a variable activity which has 10 levels set by a rotary dial.

Both the fixed and variable sources are the same size at just 80 x 60 x 40mm and are perfect for hiding in a training area and for source retrieval training.

STS Safe - Pocket Source

The STS Safe-Pocket Source is a simulated radiation source for use with the Survey-Safe, Safe-EPD and Dosi-Safe range of instruments.
The Safe-Pocket Source is a variable activity source with a near isotropic field pattern. Its small size makes it easily hidden for carrying out training where a source may be required to be hidden on a person.
The Safe-Pocket Source is compatible with the whole Safe-Series range of instruments

Radiation Contamination Simulation

STS Contamination simulators use a clear odourless liquid spray to produce contamination on a surface to be monitored.  The spray is virtually invisible on most surfaces and will last for up to 2 hours.  

STS Electra with Probe

The liquid source material (LS1) is transferable and so is ideal for demonstrating the hazards of cross contamination from surfaces to clothing and equipment.  The contaminated surface may be cleaned using standard methods and then re-monitored to demonstrate effective decontamination techniques.


The STS range of simulated instruments includes a wide range of simulated probes which incorporate a specialised gas detection head.  The detector senses the small gas cloud produced by the liquid spray evaporating and the resultant signal is translated by the STS electronics into a count rate displayed on the instrument.

Available probes include DP2 & DP6, HP260, HP210, 44A, EP15 etc

STS LS1 & SS4 Sources

Simulators are available for all sectors including Health Physics, Research, Hospitals, Power Plant, Emergency Services and Defence. All STS contamination monitors are based on real instrument cases with additional STS electronics built into them – usually without modification of the real instrument case.  User controls, screens and instrument functions are therefore retained allowing the trainee to not only see a simulated reading but to also learn the controls of the instrument.

STS Mini 900

Training scenarios can be developed to include both field survey and contamination monitoring without ever needing to use a real source and therefore minimising exposure to both trainee and trainer alike.

STS RAM Gene 1 Mark II

Smart Probes for Thermo RadEye SX

The new STS Smart-Probes range brings new technology into handheld simulation to provide the most realistic simulators available today.
Trainers can now use their own unmodified RadEye with the STS Smart-Probes to run contamination monitoring exercises.
Designed specifically to work with the Thermo RadEye SX TM these new probes house the simulation electronics, detector and batteries and have a BNC cable which connects directly to the real RadEye.
The new Smart-Probes are available as either a DP6 or enlarged DP2 style probe.

RadEye SX