Scintillation Detector For Neutron Counting

Li-based neutron scintillator

  • Effective pulse-height discrimination between γ and neutrons (γ/n down to 10-5)
  • Nominal sensitivity up to So = 1.4 CPS / (
  • Fast response – more than 106 neutrons / second
  • Low sensitivity to γ overfeed

Scintillator detector

  • High signal over 10 mV
  • Ambient HV needed, typically about 1000 V
  • PMT noise easily rejected by PSD (Pulse-Shape-Discrimination) or by coincidence of 2 PMTs
  • Easy threshold calibration with 241Am @ 60 keV
  • No microphonic effect

ANTECH N2000 Series Universal Neutron Counter

The ANTECH Universal Neutron Counter 2000 Series combines Total Neutron Counting, Shift Register Coincidence Counting, Multiplicity Counting and List Mode (LM) data acquisition in a single portable package to provide a state of the art instrument. With this new Virtual Instrument (VI) it is not necessary to choose between neutron multiplicity counting or list mode pulse acquisition for a safeguards inspection in the field.

ANTECH N2000-2 Network Neutron Counter (NNC)

The ANTECH Network Neutron Counter, Model N2000-2 combines Total Neutron Counting, Shift Register Coincidence Counting and Multiplicity Counting in a portable package to provide a state of the art instrument.

Neutron Search Detector KSAR1U.06

Hand-held neutron search device KSAR1U.06 is designed for high neutron detection sensitivity. With its light weight housing, compact size and its long uptime it is the best choice for all field and monitoring applications. Its purpose is to detect and locate neutron emitting radioactive material. It can be used as primary search/detection device to search pedestrians, packages, cargo and vehicles or as improvised automated neutron monitors, using the alarm capability.

SNS-PHE Guided Neutron Detector (GNU)

A survey instrument for measuring ambient dose equivalent, H*(10), for neutrons has been designed [1-3] by Public Health England (PHE). The detector is intended to be a portable device that (with suitable electronics) can be used to measure dose rates from neutrons in the thermal to 1 TeV energy range.

Model 30-7 Neutron Detector with Digital Display

The Model 30-7 is a handheld, lightweight neutron dose detector. The operator is able to adjust the viewing angle of the meter to maximize a comfortable viewing angle

This instrument joins the Model 30 digital display unit with a 17.8 cm (7 in.) REM ball containing a ³He detector, providing a compact instrument for determining neutron dose rates.

Model 30-4 Neutron Detector with Digital Display

The Ludlum Model 30-4 joins the Model 30 digital display unit with a 22.9 cm (9 in.) REM ball containing a ³He detector, thereby providing a significant weight reduction and more compact, manoeuvrable instrument for determining neutron dose rates

Fast Neutron Spectrometer - 100

The BTI FNS-100 is a high efficiency, high resolution fast neutron spectrometer. The detector is a multi-wire 3He ion chamber with a dense quenching gas. The availability of both high efficiency and exceptional resolution in one instrument makes the FNS-l00 useful for nuclear science and engineering, materials research and radiation protection.

Model 2363 Gamma/Neutron Survey Meter with Model 42-41 Prescila Probe

Indicated use:- Gamma and Neutron Survey

  • Digital LED Display with Backlight
  • Adjustable Alarm
  • Data Logging Capability
  • Utilizes an Energy-Compensated G-M Detector Internally  and the Model 42-41 PRESCILA Probe Externally
  • RS-232 Data Download

Model 12-4 Neutron Counter

Indicated use:- Neutron Survey

  • 4 Ranges
  • Splashproof Shields
  • Dose Response
  • Total Range from 0 – 10,000 mrem/hr

Model 42- 30H Neutron Detector

The Ludlum Model 42-30H Neutron Detector is typically employed with area monitors such as Models 375, 177-50, and 177-61. It is designed to detect thermal and fast neutrons (0.025 eV to approximately 12 MeV) indirectly by using nuclear reactions which result in energetically charged particles such as protons and tritons. 

Neutron Long Counter

The neutron long counter has been and remains an essential tool for quantifying sources of neutrons in essentially all neutron metrology laboratories. It derives its utility from its nearly constant counting efficiency over a wide neutron energy range.

Neutron Bubble Detector

Bubble detectors are the most sensitive, accurate, neutron dosimeters available and have been used for over 25 years by nuclear facilities, research institutes, military personnel, and the medical community. Bubble detectors provide instant visible detection and measurement of neutron dose.