Model 70 Series Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector

The Ludlum Model 70 Series is a high resolution CZT-type detector that delivers unparalleled performance in express radionuclide identification and radiation dose assessment from low to moderate-high or moderately high levels. Continuous dose rate monitoring and recording enables the user to be instantly informed about radiation exposure and to carefully analyze radiation dose risks by exploring the dose rate recorded charts.

The instrument is accompanied by GalaxRayWiz software, a powerful tool which communicates with the device, analyzes gamma-spectra and dose-rate time profiles accumulation of 14 hours. Collected data can be easily transferred via USB or Wi-Fi.

CZT Spectrometric Detection Probes SDP500, SDP1500, SDP4000

Spectrometric Detection Probes SDP500S, SDP1500, and SDP4000 are room temperature operating portable devices with large volume CZT detectors. The detection probes are designed for application in equipment for recording and analysis of gamma radiation energy spectra.

RT - 56 Gamma Ray Monitoring System

The RT-56 is combination of high performance and fully autonomous Gamma Ray spectrometer with powerful CPU unit serving for data acquisition, tasks management and communication. That all requires a minimal demand of energy and can stay abandoned for very long time.

D230A – Mini Airborne Gamma Ray Spectrometer

The D230A is a lightweight Gamma Ray Spectrometer designed for small payload UAV. Attention has been paid to minimize weight of the device and maximize sensitivity.

RT-60 “ The Mole” Gamma Ray Well Logging System

The RT-60 “The Mole” is the best solution for borehole gamma-ray measurements and natural radioisotopes assay. The instrument is optimised for fast borehole scanning thanks to its large size gamma detector.

GT-40 & GT40s Geophysical/Environmental Gamma-Ray Analyser

The GT-40 represents a major advance in portable gamma-ray spectrometers, offering many new features for geophysical and environmental applications.

HPGe Hand Held Spectrometer NitroSPEC

The world’s smallest and lightest HPGe spectrometer with Liquid Nitrogen Cooling, the NitroSPEC is intended for Gamma and X-radiation registration and analysis.

The NitroSPEC can be cooled in 1 hour and then function for 20 hours.

RT30 Hand Held Gamma Spectrometer

A highly sensitive instrument providing search, scan and nuclide identification in one compact unit.

RT20 Compact Hand Held Radiation Detector

The RT-20 HANDY SCINT is a robust and compact hand held radiation detector specifically designed to quickly scan for radioactive materials. The ruggedness, small size and light weight of the RT-20, combined with its sensitive Gamma Ray scintillation detector makes it a versatile instrument for quick measurements in a large variety of applications.

RT-21 and RT-22 Compact Hand Held Radiation Detectors

The RT-21 and RT-22 SUPER SCINT are a robust and compact series of hand held radiation detector specifically designed to quickly determine the location of weakly radiating nuclide material. The highly sensitive RT-21 is an ideal instrument for surveying people, vehicles, packages or material. It will quickly and easily detect gamma – emitting radioactive sources.

Surgical Detector DGC II Gamma Probe

The DGC-II system comprises a Detector Probe and a Control and Visualization Unit.

The Detector Probe has more sensitivity and better spatial resolution than required for the accurate identification of hot spots 

Spectrometric Detection Probe SDP310

The Spectrometric Detection Probe SDP310 is a miniature gamma-ray detection device consisting of removable probe and attached cable with connectors.

Removable probe contains a single CdZnTe quasi-hemispherical detector and charge sensitive preamplifier placed inside a watertight cylindrical case hermetically connected to a cable.
These probes have been designed for application in difficult of access places, like fuel rods inside of fuel assemblies or nuclear spent fuel in underwater storing.

Model 732 & 733 PC-Based Gamma MCA System

The Model 732 & 733 are affordable PC-based gamma spectroscopy systems conveniently packaged to run directly on your PC. 

The Model 732 gamma detector is a combined MCA, HV Power Supply and 5.1 x 5.1 cm (2 x 2 in.) NaI(Tl) scintillator; the Model 733 is identical except it incorporates a larger 7.6 x 7.6 cm (3 x 3 in.) NaI(Tl) scintillator.