Model 3030E Alpha/Beta Scaler Alpha / Beta draw units

This system joins Ludlum’s Model 3030E dual channel scaler with its Model 43-10-9 dual phosphor detector sample tray to produce a complete alpha beta sample counting system. 

Model 3030P Alpha/Beta Sample Counter

  • Simultaneous Alpha and Beta Counting
  • Employs PIPS™ Detector
  • Ultra Low Crosstalk & Backgrounds
  • Adjustable Alpha Window for Radon Reduction
  • Data Logging with USB Connectivity
  • 48 Hour Battery Operation

Model 4612 – 12 Channel Benchtop Counter

The Model 4612 is a 12-detector SCA (single channel analyzer) with PC control of all necessary operating parameters. Up to 12 detectors may be connected to the instrument, each with independent high voltage, threshold or sensitivity, and window settings. This equipment is supplied with IBM-compatible application software that enables setting up each channel, running counts, and storing the data.

Model 2000 General Purpose Scaler

  • 6 Decade LED Display
  • Adjustable High Voltage
  • Adjustable Threshold
  • Total counting range from 0 – 999999 counts
  • Count time Adjustable from 6 seconds – 990 minutes

Model 2200 General Purpose Scaler/Ratemeter

General Purpose Scaler/Ratemeter

  • Single Channel Analyzer
  • Supports Wide Range of External Detectors
  • 95-250 VAC Power Input
  • Portable Battery Operation
  • RS-232 Interface to Printer or PC