Pycko Air Samplers

The extremely reliable free piston vacuum pump is compact, lightweight, quiet and vibration free. Having a uniquely simple and reliable design it has no complicated transmission components such as crankshafts, connecting rods, or ball bearings, typically found in conventional pump designs.

L15PS - Re-Chargeable, with 60mm Filter

  • FLOWRATE:    4 – 15 litres/minute
  • POWER: Rechargeable NiMH battery pack
  • BATTERY LIFE: Approximately 4 hours at a continuous 12 litres/minute
  • CONSTRUCTION: Metal case, powder coated. Anodised Aluminium filter holder
  • SIZE:  Length 20cm , Width 18cm, Height 11cm
  • WEIGHT:  3.4kg
  • Supplied with battery charger and flow adjuster

L20PS - Battery Powered Portable Sampling Pump

  • Max flow free air 30 litres/minute
  • Typically 20 Litres/minute with GF filter paper
  • Integral guage to show flow during use
  • Elapsed time indicator to determine run times
  • The pump is a 12v double ended diaphragm

Model 334A – Alpha Air Monitor

The Model 334A is a compact, lightweight, and portable alpha air monitor designed to function both as a workplace monitor and a CAM for measurements in emergency response situations. Spectral analysis is conducted via a 1024-channel analyzer that feeds data to the embedded processor. Factory configuration provides either special nuclear materials (SNM) or radon progeny measurements of potential alpha energy concentration (PAEC).

Model 334AB – Alpha/Beta Particulate Monitor

The Model 334AB is designed to function both as a portable workplace monitor or as a continuous air monitor (CAM) for emergency response situations. The compact and low weight instrument has an integrated LCD and touchscreen that provides information on instrument status and readings during operation. 

Tritium Bubbler

The Pycko Tritium Bubbler collects HTO from the air when it passes through the liquid, which can then be assessed by liquid scintillation counting.

H-810 Lightweight High Volume Air Sampler

•    High accuracy 
•    Rugged 
•    LCD displays 
      o    elapsed sample time 
      o    flow rate 
      o    total volume
•    Microprocessor based 
•    Battery-backed 
•    Data memory 
•    Recessed flow adjust