Pycko Scientific Ltd. supply a range of Radiological Monitoring Equipment to The Nuclear Industry, C.B.R.N., The Oil & Gas Industry, Hospitals and Research Markets. Success in these areas has led to us becoming the UK distributor for major worldwide manufacturers and because we represent a range of companies we are bringing new products to your market area to solve your radiological monitoring challenges.

Here are some examples of our latest products:

From Ludlum Measurements

Model 3000 Digital Survey Meter

Competitively priced versatile, lightweight, ergonomically designed
survey meter for use with an external detector

Model 3000 Popular probe combinations

44-9 GM pancake-type detector
44-3 Low Energy Gamma Detector

Model 26 Integrated Frisker and Model 26-1 Integrated GM Frisker with dose filter

The model 26-1 is a one handed contamination and a combined contamination / radiation monitor with a built in detector and ratemeter.

From S.T.S.

Safe Series

The new Safe Series Simulation EPDs and Gamma survey meters
These allow up to 16 individuals wearing the simulation EPDs to be
engaged in one training exercise using one or more safe series sources.

We provide a comprehensive range of radiological monitoring equipment.

Here is a brief summary of our most popular products.
Ram Gene 1 Mark 2 Combined Contamination and Radiation Monitor.
Over 2000 + sold in the UK.

RAM Gene 1 Mark2

S.T.S Simulation contamination and radiation monitoring equipment

STS RAM Gene 1 Mark II
STS Electra with Probe
STS Telepole

RT30 Hand Held Gamma Spectrometer

Alpha/Beta Drawer Units

Model 3030E with Model 43-10-9

Air Samplers L60PS and L90PS


AMP Gamma Area monitors

AMP 50

Model 375 Gamma Area Monitors

Model 375/2

NaI Probes

Hand Held Gamma Clearance Monitors

Model 193-6

Neutron Monitors

Model 12-4
Model 2363 with Model 42-41 prescila probe

As well as the above we can also supply :-

  • Foils and cables
  • Probes to monitor Fe-55
  • Neutron bubble detectors
  • F.I.D.L.E.R. probes to monitor for low energy X-rays
  • Continuous Radon monitors
  • Waterproof and water resistant gamma monitors

If you have a radiological monitoring requirement, 

we probably have a solution, don’t hesitate to ask.

For more details, data sheets or a quote on any of the above please contact us


or phone 01476 401992